Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Laundry Room Complete!

Ta Da!! I love a finished project. 
A look back at the before, during, and after. The only light used to be a lamp on the dryer and the dryer opened into the washing machine. It was not ideal. But Ryan made the opening bigger, put wider bifold doors on it, sheetrocked the walls, painted and built me some shelves and installed cabinets.
My favorite thing in the whole "room" is the retractable drying rack. See it in action....
And folded up flat against the wall! You can get yourself one right here.
My tiny contribution to this remodel was a little DIY project using wipes boxes and decorative duck tape. 
Now I have some cheap baskets to put laundry supplies, missing socks, etc!
And this is what it looks like most of the time because it's also the diaper station for downstairs, but there's lots of room for the changing pad, cloth dipes, and wet bag storage. Best of all...the dirty dipes are RIGHT by the washer for easier clean up. We did take a few months off of cloth diapering while it was being renovated, but we're back at it again.
Thanks to my handy hubby for a job well done. I will not hire him out yet as his list is still quite long. :) Next up on house renovation project is exterior paint. There's many samples on the brick if you want to stop by and give your opinion!


kmom said...

Great job! It looks super! I especially appreciated sheet rock being put on the ceiling after plaster kept falling down and got in the washer if it was open.


LOVE it! Super jealous! Looks great!

Jana + Ryan said...

Looks good! I can't wait to one day have a laundry "room".. whether it be an actual room or just a nook that I can close away like this! It's perfect!

I am SO eager to see the exterior paint!! Are you going to DIY it?? Our brick is in such horrible condition that we really should paint it but it's SOOO expensive to have done & people seem to think I'm crazy for thinking I could do it myself.

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