Friday, June 03, 2016

Newsletter: 15 Months

Dear Haven,
This 15 month marker has been a bit of a doozy. I'm gonna blame your teeth, but you might just be finding your assertiveness, and this month you have let us know when you are unhappy and are quick to slap our faces, pull out hair, or kick when we tell you "no." It's not funny. Well other people seem to find it funny, but I'm over it so can you please take it down a notch? Maybe it's your defense mechanism against your older sister but it seems you usually take it out on your daddy and me so I'm not sure.
You'd never know this sweet silly girl can throw a mean punch!
I'm not exaggerating. Sometimes a diaper change is like wrestling a wild boar. If you pick up something and we tell you no, you usually throw it or just slap it or come slap us. If we are holding you and say or do something you don't like, you slap us in the face. You obviously are too young for time out and I do my best to just hold your hands and say "No No, we don't hit." You also aren't fond of car rides and will buckle your legs and stand like a soldier screaming bloody murder while I try to get your body to bend. I know you aren't supposed to bribe children with food but a cracker usually does the trick in a pinch.
I won't be completely negative about this month though. You are doing some really cute things. Smelling flowers is probably my favorite. You can't figure out how to sniff but you try to copy us by leaning to the blossoms and then blowing raspberries. You also are learning to hold our hands when walking somewhere like into church, across a parking lot, or down a sidewalk. You like to tickle yourself and others. You are starting to use a fork to spear your food bits...well the food I can get you to eat. I think you're taking a break from most food as another tooth is popping in but I'm hopeful you'll get your appetite back soon.
You are determined to walk down the stairs this month. Occasionally you get it, especially if you can hang on to a rail or wall, but you've taken a few tumbles as well and I think chipped another tiny bit off a tooth too. You are smart and have figured out how to move the stair gate and stealthily climb the stairs so we've had to take security measures up a notch! You can climb your toy slide and go down all by yourself.
Your verbal skills are still limited to "mama" and occasionally "dada" if I'm not answering you quick enough. You babble about lots of things in sweet baby talk though and I love to hear it. You rarely sign anything and just use the word "mama" to mean anything and everything. You do understand lots of things though. I can ask where your baby is or ask you to put shoes on and you go and get the things I'm talking about. You also can shake your head "no" if I ask a question.
You love love love your baby dolls and play with them often. You also have some favorite reading spots: on the air vent by the back door, and on the bottom stair by the gate. I often find you parked there turning the pages of your favorite board books. We can almost make it through a full book now without you running away!
Your well baby visit was good yesterday and you weighed almost 25 pounds (85%) and were about 32"long (94%). You seemed to be right on track with your milestones and I think I annoyed your Dr. by having more questions about your sister than you! You had a grand old time playing in the Dr's office while we waited, and I tried not to think about what all germs you were picking up!
Just as we got you sleeping through the night again, you reverted back to waking a few times and the only thing that seems to calm you down is mama. I think it's your teeth...I forgot how much those little tiny things can wreak havoc on a routine! I've been losing sleep, losing my temper, and drinking way more caffeine than should be allowed just to function this week. But then you look at me with that big toothy grin, pat my shoulder, cuddle up to me, and I remember this stage is fleeting and it will pass and I'll blink and you'll be different. So I'll down another Dr. Pepper and try to stay awake to play baby dolls and read you another page of another board book because I love you and that's what mommies do!
Love you,


kmom said...

I'm looking forward to experiencing Haven in person.

GmaakaMom said...

I can't believe my adorable Haven can be so ornery. And you're right, this too shall pass.

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