Sunday, June 05, 2016

Phone Dump -- May 2016

My girls in the bath, awkward spring school photos, airplane on daddy's feet, crazy bed head
She begs me to let her clean windows, we had to turn her around for some reason one day in the car...she was so confused (I know, I know, chest clip! And don't worry we turned her back!) Noah and Liv saying goodbye for a few weeks, Haven in her fav reading spot
Liv's chia pet receiving a haircut, some indoor water play, Meet Suzi...the newest member of our family bought with Liv's Christmas money.
Playing on the front and back porch with my silly girl, sweet baby piggies in her first flip flops
Colored water balloon fight with Noah, saying hello to the peacock and big tortoises at the zoo
Cuddling Kenan in the church nursery, mixing up a Mother's day gift for me at MDO, sprinkler play with Liv and Reese
Science museum with the Shrocks.

This girl is getting brave on the slide!


kmom said...

It is good to see so many pictures of the kids. Love, Mom

Sara Beard said...

Always love reading your blog! You are such a fun mama! Love catching up on your newest adventures!

GmaakaMom said...


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