Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rocky Top Adventures Part I

Haven was a decent traveller on the way down to TN. Since we were in my aunt's big van I did cheat and held her while she napped and nursed her when she got fussy. When sister sat by her and she couldn't see me that worked out best. She's getting better at long road trips! And no one puked this time...yay!
The first morning we were there Papa took his girls to the FHU library story time. They read a book about a girl in Kenya who carries fruit baskets on her head and then got to make a fruit basket craft. Liv and Naomi enjoyed it. Haven roamed around with Papa.
Grammy and Papa's big back yard and driveway are great places to play. We went on stroller rides in the morning before it got super hot. Haven just liked roaming around the big space!
And of course playing with all our vintage toys!
The humidity really brought out her beautiful curls!
When sister was at camp I would go visit Erin at her mom's house. I'm so glad she's back in TN so I can see her more often! Sometimes I let Haven tag along but she wasn't too sure about the pool life. Sometimes she stayed with Grammy so Erin and I could binge watch Bloodline and nap on her mom's couch. 
Since camp got out at 2:30 we still had time to take Liv places. Somedays we swam with Erin but of course we had to head to Milledgeville to see Aidan too! (And Jessica!)
We also got to see him on a billboard in Jackson for LeBonheur! He's famous! I texted his mama this pic of me "squashing" him Teehee.
We were able to meet up with cousins in the park before the heat and humidity set in early in the morning. Gene Record is so nice with their new walking trails. We went there a few times!
Rachel braved that steep slide with two kiddos!
I love how Naomi runs back and puts her arm around Haven.
Celeste took off work one day so we could play too. We went out for lunch and then got the girls together to play. Madelynn was so nice to give Liv her duplicate Shopkins so now Liv's collection has begun! "They're like groceries...with faces, mom!"
We also swam again because it's truly the only way to beat the TN heat!
The group of girlfriends is anxiously awaiting Erin's baby due about the same time as Amy's. You can see how ridiculously tan my daughter is compared to the rest of us!
And one night we got to meet up with April in Jackson and see how TALL her kids have grown!! Thanks Arby's for letting our kids run laps around your dining establishment while we chatted with April. For the record Liv at FOUR slider sandwiches that night. She loves her some Arby's!
More adventures up next!

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Shawn and Becky said...

Haven in that 2 piece!!! Adorable. Love how much fun you can have there!!

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