Monday, July 11, 2016

4th Of July Celebrations

Our church hosts the Star Spangled Fried Chicken dinner every year and after a delicious patriotic meal, the kids get to parade around in their decorated scooters, bikes, roller skates, batmobiles, etc....
 Haven and I made a lap but she was wary of the crowd and not too cheerful that night. (Also that shirt and shorts of Liv's have gone missing since this night....if anyone knows where my daughter's clothes disappear to please let me know! I'm sure they'll turn up...)
The night before 4th of July we headed down to the fairgrounds for Red, White, and Boom with a very small portion of our small group to listen to the Philharmonic's concert and watch Fireworks. Haven was initially scared of them but then fell asleep about 2 minutes later with her daddy's hand over her ear. 
And I didn't dress us in Red, White, and Blue so I didn't feel very patriotic this day. I still love ya, America! 

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kmom said...

I enjoyed the video. I'm wondering how long Haven stayed put in that wagon at the concert.

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