Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th of July Day Trip to the Mountains

With the fireworks behind us it kind of felt like Independence day was over but on the actual 4th of July we headed to the Wichita Mountains in SW Oklahoma. I hadn't been since early college days and Ryan had never been. For only being an hour and a half almost doesn't look like you're in Oklahoma anymore! Do you see Liv and Ryan dots exploring?
You can easily drive to the top of the mountain and then the adventurous ones can hike around. While the less adventurous ones just sweat and take cute pics of their babies by rocks. It was good cool weather that morning but the clouds obstructed the view some!
No worries...these were not taken at any dangerous drop offs no matter what it looks like!
Ryan took the cell phone pics while they were off galavanting around the big stones...
 Then we headed to Medicine Park which is a cute lil historically registered community known for it's coblestone architecture and swimming hole. We ate at the Plantation Inn and then went for a dip. I'm not a huge fan of water that I can't see my feet in so I let daddy have most of the fun with the girls but I did get it once and walked over to the waterfall before reading my book!
It wasn't that deep. I think Liv could walk in most of the areas but she kept her floaties on just in case...even though she can swam, she feels safer so I do too!
The water must have been a bit low as I'm pretty sure that wall to the right is also supposed to be a waterfall.
Lest you think we were alone at the swimming hole...
But it really wasn't too crowded.
I took some pics of the unique cobblestone architecture.
It was pretty hot by this point and Haven' hadn't napped so we drove through the National Wildlife refuge keeping our eyes out for wildlife. We saw bison, longhorn, and a bobcat!
We also drove by the Holy City of the Wichita Mountains but did not get out since Haven was napping.
Then we took a long route home through Anadarko and played at a park with not one but at least three merry go rounds! We thought they were extinct!
Proof that we tried for a family selfie!

It's a great little day trip and I'm sure we will be back someday!


GmaakaMom said...

What a fun day. Glad you didn't encounter any wild life of the slithering variety while traipsing through the rocks.

kmom said...

Looks like you visited some interesting places and had lots of fun.

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