Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Review

I think I waited too long to do a book review and now I'm going to forget some of these but I'll try my best!

Station Eleven was the book club book last month and while it was uniquely written I only really enjoyed about the last 50 pages. I had some issues with the plot but it's a unique futuristic dystopian type book if you are into that sort of thing. I never got attached to any of the characters really and I felt that would've help me like it more. I give it a 6

Wolf in White Van. So I stalk my favorite author on Instagram and I get book recommendations occasionally from ones she has read. This was one of them and I loved it. It is a bit depressing but the author did such a good job of getting into the character's head I almost couldn't believe this was a fictional tale. I recommend it if you like Ready Play One and I give it a 9.

Shoot the Moon. I really like this author and this small Southern town mystery of sorts was right up my ally. I was a little weirded out by the cousin relationship for a bit in the book but I don't want to spoil anything for you so I won't. I'm anxious to read another one of her books on the trip to Oregon. I recommend it if you like Where the Heart Is and give it an 8.

Beautiful Ruins. I randomly grabbed this out of the little neighborhood library box and loved it! It's a fictional story that weaves old Hollywood, the cinque terra, movie stars, and a paternal mystery that spans decades across the Ocean and back to modern day. The author had some really hilarious viewpoints about Hollywood today and what we deem as entertainment. There was one part of the book that got quite a bit boring to me but I still give it an 8 and recommend it to anyone really.

The Kitchen House was our book club pick this month and it's one of those that's hard to say you like because it was so tragic. And that was also the beef a lot of us had with it. Tragedy is one thing....but ALL the tragedies begins to be a bit soap opera like. But we all read it very fast and we had lots of discussion points from it so that usually means it's a hit of some sort! I give it an 8.5 and recommend it to those who can handle slavery books. And maybe even to those who can't, because it's historical fiction and we can all agree learning from history is important right? There's also a sequel to this book but I need some time to mentally prepare for it.

Books we've been reading with Liv
The BFG. I had never read this Roald Dahl book even though he's one of my fav authors. The movie preview looked a bit frightening but I thought if we read the book first then maybe we could see it. So that's what we did. Liv enjoyed it so much she often wanted to read it throughout the day and always begged for one more chapter pleeeeease. We also got some great new vocab words out of it like trogglehumper and frobscottle. Haven also loved this book. I don't know if it was the cover or what but she always brought it to me and sat in my lap when she saw it!

Magic Treehouse. I know there's like a thousand of these and I'm glad Liv is excited about them. She laughed out loud several times during the one we read and learned many interesting facts about jungles and gorillas too. I look forwards to reading more of these with her!

Guide books. Liv is very into animal guide books. Specifically Birds of Oklahoma right now. She keeps one in the backseat which can lead to some interesting car conversations. Mom what does "chooses to breed with" mean? How can you choose to grow a baby, I thought God does that? Did you and Daddy choose to grow a baby like birds do? uhhhh...uhhhhhh.....a literal birds and bees convo thanks to a guidebook

What are you reading?
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