Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting There is Half the Fun!

And that is so true when you get to stay with one of your best buds from college! We returned to the Pinon Palace in TX for an evening and morning of fun with them before our flight to Oregon. (DFW tickets had much better times and prices for flights than OKC). 
Liv and Liz hit it off and she even gave her one of her beloved ankle bracelets she's been wearing non stop since April...I'm sure Liz was thrilled. They were so cute at bedtime swapping "golden tooth" dentist stories. 
Nate is basically the spitting image of his mama!
Haven and Liv loved the car and rode it around the cul-de-sac. 
Their house is so dark and quiet that the kids slept in past was surreal! The next day I donned them in their Going to Grandma's shirts and we headed for the airport after playing some more. 
Haven took a little nap on the flight and did pretty well overall. It'll be nice when the ipad can hold her attention a little longer. She always wants to throw it every few minutes so you have to keep a hand on it!

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kmom said...

What a wonderful friend to have.

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