Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Liv's First Pedicure

Summer is such an odd time because while I revel in more time with my kids together and sunshine and activities and travel, I also stress and freak out about what a wreck our house is becoming because more time with kids and more activities also means more toys everywhere and more laundry piles to the ceiling and yeah I still can't find a dogsitter for our trip in 5 days! I have all these drafts started for various posts but who knows when I will get to them.

Anywho...on Tuesdays while Lil Sis is at Mother's Day Out, Liv and I get to have some quality time with just the two of us. Last week I took her for her first pedicure. I gave her a rundown on what would happen and to prepare her for a Vietnamese culture shock experience. She was so excited about the chairs. "What do they do? How do they massage you? What if it tickles? Can I laugh? IS LAUGHING ALLOWED?" She had me cracking up before we even got there.
 She loved the chairs even though since she was so short she was getting shiatsu punched in the head for awhile. She picked an electric shade of orange and I chose a hot pink. They asked her if she wanted sparkles on top and I knew she'd never wanna go back to mommy pedicures on the front porch! 
They've only just now started chipping so I can happily say the professional pedicure last 7 times longer than what I usually give her!

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Anonymous said...

I love taking the girls for pedicures! Where we go they have a "Princess" chair for little girls to use. -April B

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