Thursday, July 07, 2016

Newsletter: 16 Months

Dear Haven,
We are having a fun time this summer checking out the zoo, science museum, parks, pools etc. although you do well going to all the different activities, I feel I can see more of an introverted personality in you. You don't seem to like the crowds as much and are very hesitant of new places and things. We try to ease into them and I know part of this is just your age too.
We've been to the Dr. entirely too much lately. First your well baby, then some random virus and ear infection....that you prob picked up from the Dr's office at your well baby!...and then a horrible teething issue that left these blister looking things on your gums. We checked it out because blood kept pooling in the corners of your mouth and it looked infected but they looked at it and said it's just really inflamed. You're cutting lots of molars and your mood has been affected by this. I can't blame you! Motrin and snuggles and extra nursing usually can fix it. I hope they finish popping through soon!
You are saying a few words now. Quack, quack is my's what a duckie says and also every other animal for now. You are starting to growl but not necessarily about animal noises!  You can also say roll, book, ball, uh-uh (for "no") and I swear I heard a Thank You the other day. You are getting better at signing please and all done but you still aren't a fan of baby signs.
Your favorite activities are brushing your teeth, reading books, and being outside. You will bring us books and back up into our laps for story times. The elderly lady next door sat with you girls for about 15 minutes one day until daddy got home and you were fine with her because she brought different books to read you. Daddy said you cried when she left. You will bring us your shoes when you want to go outside and even though it's scorching hot in the afternoon you scream when it's time to come in. You're hesitant of the kiddie pool which is weird because you love the bath, but if sister is around you are much more confident in your water play!
I feel like most days you rarely are dressed. And if you are dressed it's in jammies that you wear like 2 or 3 days in a row. Usually you're just in a diaper. Maybe because I'm lazy, maybe it's hot, or maybe it's easier to clean you up after a meal because you love to rub applesauce all over your body and in your hair!
Speaking of sister, she really is your best buddy. She usually gets you out of your crib in the morning and you two make each other laugh about silly noises and phrases over and over again. You can also push each other's buttons and I'll admit it's kind of cute to see that too. Not that I want you stealing her toys and her hitting you with a toy hammer or you biting until you get your way, but there's something sweet about life's cliches even when they involve sibling brutality!
You had fun in TN and survived the long car trip. The humidity really brought out your beautiful curls while we were there. Although you love your Papa and Grammy I think you loved baby Michael most of all. You love to hold babies...which is funny to me because you are still a baby! You practice holding your baby dolls a lot at home and enjoy changing their diapers over and over. You laugh when I say "P-U stinky!" every time! However, you don't find your diaper changes as fun for some reason!
One of the perks of being in TN for so long without daddy was always the sweet reunion and seeing the look on Liv's face when she hugged daddy's neck after being gone so long. Well when we met up with daddy at a restaurant after being gone 10 days in TN this month, you were not happy. You looked at him like he was a stranger and reached back for me. I'm happy to say it didn't take you too long to remember who he was and by Father's Day you two were best buds again. I know I write these letters each month and your daddy may not be as eloquent with words or monthly newsletters but he is such a good daddy to you and your big sis. I know you will appreciate this more one day when you are older. He is a good listener, a hard worker, a servant to others, an encourager, and he's down to play beauty parlor whenever you want! He loves you very much....maybe as much as me. Winkface.
Love you,


kmom said...

I enjoyed getting to know Haven and hearing her words and wanting me to read her a book.

GmaakaMom said...

Grandma can't wait to see you in a couple of days and get reacquainted. I love you sweet girl.

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