Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oregon Adventures Part 1

Most of the time in Oregon was spent at Lincoln City Beach for the family reunion but we did have a few days before and after at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There were so many cousins in town, Liv was in heaven! And there were so many people to play with Haven too but she also enjoyed just roaming around on her own playing with new toys!
Daddy trumps mommy when it comes to letting Liv play beauty parlor!
We also caught some Pokemon around town 
And of course played at the parks while we were there too
Haven had fun chasing Fred around and sitting in Hank's lap. hehe!
She loves all her cousins but she shows a special affinity towards Hazel and was always sitting in her lap and giving her hugs. Of course Hazel was one of the ones stricken with strep throat, but it was impossible to keep these two apart. Luckily we did not come down with it but like 6 people fell ill while we were there!
The kids stayed up late every night...I think I was asleep usually before Olivia was. Can't waste any precious time with cousins. They had a big slumber party one night and watched all sorts of movies.
We visited the new bunnies at the Kronewitters one evening. Haven pet them but wasn't too amused. 
Olivia was very confused how the white rabbit could have gray babies. we need a genetics lesson aparently!
Tucker sees his toy! Excellent pointer stance!
Yes there were chickens too!
Violet's been wrangling chickens for many years now as you can see by the current photo on the right compared to a few years ago on the left!
 And thanks to Troy working for the county parks and rec, they have the most awesome treehouse set up that Liv is very jealous of!
One night we celebrated Christmas in July at the Craigs house. We had a dirty santa swap and a snowman building competition with toilet paper!
There was a "tree" and ornament decorating and even a Corey Santa.
Uncle Chester bought this fun water slide thing and the kids played in it until it got a hole of course.
Here's all the parents watching and taking bets on who would get injured first....
The babies did not care to slide but they did have fun inside playing piano
Haven and Afton are gonna be great playmates next time we visit. They tolerated each other well enough this visit but I'm sure they will be running around together by our next visit!
I can't get over how grown up my oldest niece and nephew are. George has passed me in height and Violet will soon enough I'm sure! 
Beach pics coming soon!


kmom said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun.


I do love to watch the cousins together! They really do get along so well! Love EVERY time we get to see you guys! Love you!

GmaakaMom said...

Wonderful memories were made. Great Grandma and Alice got hit the hardest with the germs. They're both still suffering. But it was sure fun!

Shawn and Becky said...

Love the photos and cousins are so special. Sorry I missed you - we were up the day before you came!

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