Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Phone Dump {June 2016}

Things that happened in June, maybe I posted on social media, maybe I didn't but here's some highlights of our month from my phone!

Sometimes Liv draws something so beloved she says please take a photo of this...., We bought back my mom's little rocker that was also mine as a kid. Haven loves to read in it. Liv had a school friend over one day and the three girls played so well together. Genesis is going to be a big sister soon too!
Our first day at White Water Bay. We went down most all the slides, checked out the new barefoot bay, and she attempted to jump off the high dive but chickened out every time. She was so upset with herself, I cheered her on but she'd get to the edge and talk to the life guard and inevitably come back down. Maybe by summer's end!
Fun at the spray ground, I promise they have clothes on. She loves to bring a book to you and back up into your lap for story time.
Liv came down with a weird fever for a few days. She was still in a good mood and after 2 days of too much TV and couch time she was back to normal. Swinging smiles at sister. Scooter riding at the tennis courts. Liv's toes.
Suppertime shenanigans. Slip n slide with friends. It's amazing how fast that fun piece of plastic can kill a strip of grass! Worth it though! Pantless fun at the gazebo.
Christy visited from Michigan! Liv earning a library badge using a cookbook and making blueberry muffins. Haven and Nicole.
The shopkins collection is growing. She gets one with each library badge she all the ones Madelyn gave her. Haven crashed in the crib. Liv enjoyed journaling for a hot minute and it was cute to watch. She's over it now though. Somebody may be 6 but she's not too old to fall asleep in daddy's lap during stories and songs.
A bigger pic of playgroup 2.0 So many friends missing but we still had fun!
Liv attneded her third year of MRCC VBS. She had a harder time enjoying it this year and although she couldn't pin point why I think it was because she usually had her bff Noah with her and she was missing him. I'm still glad she went though and she always came home with fun stories and made new friends...whose names she never knew!
On fridays if your kiddo didn't have any soda that week they can get a free smoothie at Organic Squeeze. This is how Liv feels about that!


Jana + Ryan said...

I was that kid that waited in line to jump off the high dive & always chickened out when it was my turn. I hope Olivia gets over it before she's 16..... ;)

GmaakaMom said...


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