Friday, July 01, 2016

Rocky Top Adventures Part II

My sister and Mary Belle stayed the weekend with my parents so we could get extra time together...or maybe just so Joe could have a break but either way we win! 
The favorite game was store or shop. MB has a great imagination and it was fun to see the cousins play as always.
Haven had lots of fun trying to catch up with the big girls. She took very good naps while we were in TN and usually slept through the night too!
We celebrated Amy's birthday a bit early while we were there too. You can see that little bump of a niece in the pic too!
When there's kids around the grown ups never get to blow out their own candles.

Sometimes the vintage toys can't hold a candle to modern technology and tablets!
To be continued....

1 comment:

GmaakaMom said...

Busy busy busy and fun fun fun. You must be so bored when you come to Oregon. You make ME want to visit Tennessee, heat and all.

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