Saturday, July 02, 2016

Rocky Top Adventures Part III

Ya'll. The TN heat is ridiculous. I always think Oklahoma is hot and humid but I guess I forget it can be worse. Liv played in the sprinkler one day but Haven only would watch from afar.
Sunday morning always means family photo time! 
Liv is getting good at that bershon face!
There was lots of movie time with Papa
And we spent one day at Mary Belle's house playing too. Until she started puking and then we all left!
The last of that belly I'll see until she's here!
Uncle Joe taught Liv how to play Mary had a little lamb and now she pecks it out on any toy or device that plays music!
Haven preferred to play at Grammy's house on the piano.
Funny outtake!
And the next morning we headed to AR to meet Ryan for the swap. I sent my hubby this photo of all of before the journey.
He sent me this one. I think Michael Mitchell must have taught him this selfie face! hehe!
See ya again soon TN! I'm hoping Amy and Erin will magically have their babies at the same time! But I also know babies don't like to follow plans for arrivals!


GmaakaMom said...

Bershon??? Spell check tried to correct me 3 times. They've never heard that word either. I'm very familiar with the meaning though.

Shawn and Becky said...

Great photos. We went to TN once and I feel ya on that heat! Yowza! Love the outtake pictures. Sometimes those are the best!

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