Friday, July 08, 2016

Tiny Town Palooza

I tell myself that it's good to know my strengths and weaknesses as a parent. I decided if I explained some of those to my daughter it might help her understand mommy a little better. One thing I've talked to her about is what mommy is good at playing: games, puzzles, designing play scenarios, crafts. I'm down for any of those most days. What mommy is NOT good at playing: imaginary conversations with dolls, video games or tablet apps, sports. I'll occasionally give it my best go at the things I'm not good at but in general she's gotta find other playmates once her princesses start talking or she can't figure out how Go Noodle works. 

One Saturday morning at breakfast I mentioned we should make a town for all of her tiny toys (AKA Haven's choking hazards) on the kitchen table. And thus tiny-town-palooza was born.
A member from each tiny toy sector was represented
And yes I loved helping her construct the tiny-town-palooza (this falls under designing play scenarios). We brainstormed the ideas for the buildings and how they'd be laid out and what colors each group got to have. And which group of toys went where. But once it was done I stepped back and let her do all the imagining! 
Here were the meetings among each group
And yes she wanted me to document all their dwellings!
We allowed the town to live on our table one week, now only a few small building remain at one end. But it got a lot of play! 
Even by daddy! ha! He's the only one skilled enough to make the lalaloopsies stand on their wobbly legs!


kmom said...

Great idea for tiny town! While here you did do a great job of organizing a wiffle ball game complete with teams and bases. Your enthusiasm was the best ingredient. My sister Sandra talked about the time she, although not into sports, organized a game of softball with her kids. She thought she was doing quite well until some guy stopped by and told her they were running the wrong way around the bases.

GmaakaMom said...

I love that face she's making sitting by Daddy. I can't believe you didn't caption that one.

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