Friday, August 12, 2016

First Day of School {1st Grade Edition)

I'm not sure why but this year's back to school was the hardest on me. (And the easiest one for Liv!) There were more tears from me in the week before 1st grade than pre-k or K by far! I thought I'd be a pro at this by now but apparently it gets worse! I was all cried out by morning though so I didn't leave a mascara trail.
We met her teacher the week before and she acted liked she ruled the school at orientation. Running in the halls, high fiving her old friends, dominating the new playground, and marching right up to her new teacher like they were old pals! She has a few of her buddies from last year in her class. There is another Olivia in her room, we told her teacher she could go back Liv if it helps.
She laid out her clothes the night before but we ran into a little snafu in the morning when her shoes didn't fit. We tried another pair. They didn't fit either. I guess she'd been wearing flip flops all summer and I hadn't thought to try on any of her shoes, and she'd outgrown them all. Like 7 pairs! Ahhh! Mom fail!! She had some new ones in a bag of hand me downs and we scrambled for a pair that would work but sadly they weren't broken in and gave her a blister by the end of the day. We got her some new ones yesterday though so we are all good!
Checking out the first day of school gifts: Markers, shopkins, and glitter pens
She's still sporting her silicone ankle bracelets. She said she plans to wear them until she dies. I love that quirky kid. Sometimes she reminds me so much of myself it's scary. I once had a bracelet that I wore until it fell off but I was a bit older. 
To calm our nerves a few of us mamas headed for the traditional "boo hoo brunch" and checked out the new Sunnyside Diner by the school. Great food and service! (And I don't think any of us boo hoo'd)
After school we headed to Pinkitzel for a special treat. 
We saw some other John Rex pals there too!
Then we came home and played with her new markers and glitter pens!
A shot of the new shoes...she now wears a 2 which is the same size as her aunt Amy and very close to her mommy's size!! And she rolls her socks down and tells me that's how they are supposed to be worn?
Since school is back in session, I took down our summer bucket list. Olivia was very perturbed that we had one item left, to see the BFG. But it has been out of most of the theaters here so we are waiting until it's at the dollar theater or on video.
And some nostalgic comparison photos....because what else is a blog good for if not a walk down memory lane??
The past four years of first day pics
Siblings on the first day a year apart
She's getting taller than that chalkboard!


kmom said...

Chalk board height compare does not lie. Olivia reminds me of you in many ways. Hope she enjoys first grade.

GmaakaMom said...

I can tell already that you too will need meds to get thru her wedding.😭 Love the new shoes and I see that she's not into the mismatched sock phase yet. I love that sweet first grader.😍

kmom said...

Tell Olivia that some of my shoes are size 2. Great looking athletic shoes!

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