Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gators and Rainbows in Seminole

Two days before school started we were finally able to catch up with our favorite farming family in Seminole! I really do think this was the longest we've gone without seeing them but it took awhile for our summer schedules to both be available at the same glorious time! 
When we arrived Des immediately said "So are we having another fruit rainbow?!" We hadn't planned on it but we managed to make their dreams come true! I love that G still sits on the counter to eat. She's been doing that since her bumbo days!
The highlight for Liv was definitely the new Gator. Lolo took them for fast rides.
You can hear Liv laughing and squealing even from far away! 
 And Ben took them for slower rides, but they can go all over the farm. They went investigating the latest chicken murders and actually found a survivor in a tree! They also had to go visit the raccoon bones in the barn from last time. Oh the lessons about nature you get in Seminole!
 Haven settled for the mini gator to ride.
 Snack's from Gag's are always on the list of things to do.
Just look at these babies from years ago. They grew up fast! When Liv wasn't begging Ben to drive the gator, she did enjoy some baseball with them in the front yard. I'm so glad they can still pick up where they left off even if it's been months between visits!
 And I of course just enjoyed catching up with Lolo on the couch and on the back porch while Haven aired out her diaper rash. Hopefully our next visit won't be as long away! We love ya Schatzels!

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kmom said...

Glad you and Lolo and your kids are still friends and enjoy being together.

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