Saturday, August 20, 2016

House Update

It's been awhile since I've shared any house updates with you. While we were in Tennessee back in June, Ryan painted the brick on the outside of our house. (Well the brick that can be seen from the streets. He's finishing up the back this weekend) Since then he's been building, staining, and hanging shutters to replace the plastic black ones. Then he stained the beams and our house is actually starting to look like how I dreamed one day it would! For the time being our upstairs balcony is lacking a railing. Eventually we will put one up that is also the color of the wood. (No, no one is allowed on it for now and they haven't been for quite some time due to the rickety rails.) Landscaping will come in the future but I'm loving it, and so proud of all of Ryan's hard work!

Here's the "before" for some reference.
The siding looks like a different color in the pics to me but it's not. 
This kid has been enjoying the new view too! Just kidding, but she HAS been noticing the new pics we've finally been hanging on the walls and likes to point them out to us!
I think we all know the kitchen renovation shall be the next big undertaking. I might need to start yoga or guided meditation before that project though! ;)


kmom said...

Ryan has done a great job!

GmaakaMom said...

Looking good. That boys pretty handy to have around.

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