Monday, August 15, 2016

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I don't think I've written anything as controversal as that crazy back to school post last year that made every teacher on the internet hate me...notice I'm NOT linking to it....yeah I still get hateful comments about it. Anywho I have written some other gems that I don't think I've linked to from the blog but I might've shared on facebook.
A Back to School Bucket List JUST for Moms
And yes I'm proud to say I've been tackling a few of these items already. The deep cleaning of the house was therapeutic....but it's been a few days and already seems filthy again so it'll probably be a few months before I do that again!
Photo Scavenger Hunt (Boredom Buster Ideas)
Granted this was written BEFORE PokemonGo came out and now that is all the rage and the ultimate boredom buster. I keep meaning to take a picture of the people playing it glued to their phones when we go out. We play it too but it's kind of crazy how many people have discovered Will Rogers Park thanks to pokemon! Anyway this isn't a post about Pokemon at all but I got off track....

An Olympic Party for Kids!
Using photos and ideas from past parties I was able to write this post...and then throw together an Olympic party this year in a few hours!
When Do You Let Your Kids Quit?
We struggled with this question when Liv wanted to quit gymnastics. If ever I find myself talking about a certain topic a lot with my mommy friends, that's how I know it would be a good blog post!And this was definitely a hot topic for awhile!


kmom said...

How can you already be done deep cleaning your house? Olivia has not even been in school one week. I know you are a fast worker, but... I will send you an e-mail.

Ryan and Katie said...

You and I have different definitions of deep cleaning. I'm still working on some areas but I moved all the furniture to sweep and vacuum and polished wood furniture and vacuumed some blinds. Still have some dusting to do but that other stuff I rarely do so I consider it done. :)

Blogger said...

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