Thursday, August 11, 2016

Newsletter: 17 months

Dear Haven,
Summer time has come to an end...not by the calendar or by the weather...but by the fact that your sister is back in school. Had this letter been written on time 2 weeks ago when you actually turned 17 months, well then it'd be a different story. But we've been filling our summer days with so much fun there hasn't been much time for sitting and uploading pics and typing. Now, you wave bye bye to your sis in the morning and it gets REAL quiet in the house. I've been turning on the Olympics for some background noise, because even though you make noise...somehow it's not as much as a 6 year old!
I love this checked swimsuit of yours!
Your vocabulary has regressed this month...probably because you are working on your stair climbing skills and are quite scarily the only words we usually hear are "Mama" and occasionally "mine." But you manage to get your message across with those 2 words! Ha! One of my favorite things this month is your singing. You often will join in at church with a little singsong humming action and it's so precious. You also join in when I'm putting you to sleep while nursing.
Speaking of nursing, there's no signs of stopping. I was trying to wean you to just a 3 times a day, but that kind of went out the window this month. Oh well. You rarely are still when nursing these days. It's basically like an acrobatic feat. We have pretty much quit nursing in public for this reason although you know if we are out or guests are over, you will bring me the nursing cover and usually remain still if that's what you need!
You are learning boundaries in public spaces and love to try to sneak away from me. We were at the science museum and library the other day and you kept escaping with a quick step to your feet and a wild laughter that was easy to follow. But then as soon as a stranger talked to you, your face got serious and you ran back to me!
Shoes are still your favorite toy and you continually crack us up clomping around in daddy's sneakers or sisters boots. When Erin and Ashton were here you even put on his smelly huge work boots and had us all laughing.
You've developed a love for a star blanket that you cuddle at nap time and night time when I nurse you to sleep. It's the same kind as your sister's. You know which blankie is your sister's and you will steal it and start saying "mine" just to get her goat.
We went to Oregon this month and you did great on the plane and adjusting to a new time zone, sleeping in a strange place, and being around lots of family. You really seem to have a special love for Hazel and Grandpa even though you loved being around everyone. We've skyped a few times since then and I can tell you remember who those people are when you see them on the screen! It was fun to watch you play in the sand on the beach...once you got used to it!
I'm always a little bummed for summer to end. It's just a bittersweet time, but I try to let myself be a little sad without dwelling on the loss of lazy carefree days too much. I know we will find our new groove without big sis around as much and I am excited for our new routine. 
Already you are so fun to watch play without Olivia yanking toys from you or carrying you to whatever spot she wants you in for her imaginary playtime. I look forward to toddler library time and playdates with baby friends. It's one of the reasons I love having such an age gap between you two: I knew I'd love the one on one time I get with you!
I love you,


kmom said...

I was so surprised the doll bed was strong enough for Haven to stand and sit on. I'm thinking she learned the word "mine" from her cousin Mary Belle who said and demonstrated it over and over again. Haven is such a cuddly sweetie. I love her.

GmaakaMom said...

Happy 17 months to our beautiful baby girl. We love love love you.

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