Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Oregon Adventures Part II

(The nice camera was not used that often for various reasons so sorry for the shoddy camera phone pics!)
The beach we headed to for the reunion was a little over an hour away from Ryan's parents house. We were lucky to get to ride in the motor home so guess who took a nap with me in the back?
 The Oregon coast can be deceiving. The water is too cold for most sane people to play in and it's usually cloudy and windy. Lucky for us, most of the days we were there it was bright and sunny. The crazy kids don't mind getting their feet in the frigid water but the adults were happy just to walk along barefoot and leave the water play for the kids!
There were two large houses across the street from the beach that held all the family. I have no head count but there were LOTS of people. And we literally rarely knew where Olivia was but we trusted she was somewhere with a cousin or aunt or uncle!
Haven was a little easier to locate. 
The ocean may be cold but the hot tub on the deck was juuuust right. And had a pretty good view too! 
The adults played plenty of indoor and outdoor games. 
 Haven was not a fan of the sand at first. It took her quite awhile to want to put her feet in it. She preferred Hazel's lap!
 The daytime was mostly free for us to to whatever we want but in the evenings we all got together for a meal and an activity. One night we played Minute-to-win-it games.
 I got lots of video but only posted the one of me trying to unravel crepe paper only using one hand for each roll. 
This was the tissue game
 The hands free donut eating game
 The suck and blow skittle game
 The chopstick game
 The puzzle game
 and the straw blowing game. Needless to say there was much laughter during these competitions!
 Oh look who it is again...
 Here are the kids waiting in the steep drive for adult chaperones
Corey and some of the kids dug out an awesome firepit for some smores and campfire songs one night.

Ryan trying to ruin our girl power photo!
I love these girls!
 Then one morning we all got dressed in family designated colors for some pictures on the beach...
I believe this was the morning of a third urgent care visit as another one of our party bit the dust with strep.
 Begging Nolan for something he's eating
Having fun in the spinny chairs waiting!
Up next...more beach fun....


GmaakaMom said...

I have to say, the "greenies" were definitely the most adorable ones in the family picture. And I am not biased at allπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

kmom said...

Looks like Haven did get used to the sand. I think it might be helpful for you to give me or my sisters the instructions for some of those games. They might come in handy when we all get together at Christmas.

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