Thursday, August 04, 2016

Oregon Adventures Part III

Now for those posed family pics! I didn't get one of the whole group...because I was in it but I'm sure it's a framer and I'm sure the professional got better shots than the cell phones did but for now this will do. Here is Gigi with all of her great grandkiddos. I think she knows them all by name AND number! Haven is 14!
 Gigi with the grandkids
 Gigi with her kids 
And then of course by family. The Isenbergs hailing from OK, ID, and OR in green.
 The Craigs in gray from OR and TX
 The Hermans from OR and MA in red
 And yes there was much tom foolery on the beach between pics
 The kids enjoyed playing on these ancient gaming systems in the house
 We love our family, but sometimes you just gotta hideout and getaway from the peoples. Kelsey is a good hiding partner!
 Oh were you tired of beach pictures? Never!! I have 400 pics of my kid running on the beach and I love them all! Don't worry I just saved the best ones for the blog so there's only like 100 to look at instead of 400. You're welcome.
 Haven was not up for running or putting her toes near the sand somedays!
And then later she was bathing in it and rubbing it in her hair.
 Ruthie with little Haven Ruthie. They have the same hairdo!
Charades time. I gave a stellar Cher impression.
 Olivia had been asking if she could see a starfish so we went to a different beach one day...we actually had to drive somewhere, the nerve! There were lots of tidepools to search in. Sadly we saw no starfish which prompted Olivia to call me a LIAR! But we did find a hermit crabs, snails, a cool blue creature, and lots of anemones to poke at. And it was pretty beautiful there! 
As perilous as this picture looks, she was ok...the waves had just come crashing in making her look stranded. She was really contemplating how to get over to those seagulls on the big rock.
 The cool electric blue snail thingamajigger.
I interrupt these pretty beach pics to show you two random creepy broken arm looking outtakes of Liv and Alice.....
 Our last night at the beach was bittersweet. Another meal, another round of games, one last night walk on the beach.
 another Haven and Hazel cuddlefest
 One last ocean view from our house as we cleaned up and still searched for Kelsey's ring that was lost. 
 And a good-bye to the coast he proposed to me on 12 summers prior. I'm so glad I said yes and got to be welcomed in to a big loving fun family. I'm richly blessed and ever grateful!
 And we slept in the motorhome going back...well some of us did.
 And after a 24 hour mix up and 30 minutes of solid tears from Liv through the airport check in and security, we were headed back home!



I am soooo glad you all came! It would not have been the same without you! Love you!

GmaakaMom said...

My favorite people at my favorite place. It went by too fast. ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the memories. (Now you'll have that song stuck in your head)

Anonymous said...

tell liv it is not your fault! There was a virus (or something) that killed off 75% of the starfish population on the oregon coast a couple of years ago. The last 2 years my class went to the beach, we saw hardly any and we were at a normally densely populated area.
Love your blog your pictures....sure hope all those peeps can make it to the Isenberg reunion next summer :)
Love and prayers,
Aunt Debby

kmom said...

Thank you for sharing pictures and videos. Looks like you had a wonderful time. You are blessed to be part of Ryan's good family.

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