Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Phone Dump {July 2016}

There haven't been many posts lately, but school starts tomorrow and my heart is very heavy. I'm crying at the drop of a hat, but I am looking forward to the routine. It's just bittersweet. Here are some fun moments that happened in July....
I chopped my hair off and the internet let me know that was a good decision. Noted. We tried sponge curlers in Liv's hair overnight. It looked pretty for a few minutes but mostly fell out. It didn't dry all the way. We will try again sometime! 
Haven had some fussy moments and early mornings this month as she broke all four of her molars in at once. She developed a hemangioma on her gum that freaked us out but the Dr. and dentist assured us it was ok. But there were lots of tears and blood shed. She loves to play peekaboo barn on the ipad. This was the face when my lap was full for bedtime reading. I made room pretty quick!
Ryan spent a day with us at White Water Bay. Haven joined after Mother's Day Out but she wasn't a huge fan. I had to wake her up from nap one day and this was the look she gave me. So pitiful. Have you guys tried the Walmart grocery pick up? Bit of a game changer! Pool time with friends! 
Liv called me into her room to see this "remembering table" she made for us for after we die. She can be a little morbid. Sisters walking in to church. We each accomplished the 20 hour library goal and got some free books and late fee waivers! Liv conked out in the car one day.
Haven wearing my old sailor suit looking thrilled. Ha! Sunday sister pic. Staying cool at White Water. Sisters snacking and watching toons. 
Typical scenes from the playroom. Myriad concert nights. They saw a few bunnies from where we were sitting on the hill this night. 
I promise I get my child dressed sometimes, but it's true she stays in her jammies lots! Even at the library! 
Liv being brave at the dentist. Red Bear and Green Bear don't see as much play time these days but they were called upon for special comforting duties this day! She got sealants and 2 cavities filled....4 more to go...please don't judge! This pic cracks me up...Liv with a bag of taco bell dinners and a rainbow over her head!
Funny story, Erin came to OKC for less than 24 hours thanks to our little flight mix up coming back from Oregon but we were soooo glad we got to spend time with her! And Haven loooved Ashton's smelly work boots. We were horrible hosts with a burning hot house and a smoke alarm issue that woke us all up at 5 am but I hope it doesn't scare them away forever!
Happy Birthday Nick! We had to take a pic of these matching outfits that we didn't plan!
Haven playing in big sis's boots! 
At the gender reveal party for a friend of Liv's from school, although Liv couldn't come, Haven and I had fun. I tear up seeing the joy in these pics. And there was even MORE joy as a proposal came shortly after but I got no pics because Haven started freaking out from all the joyful screaming going on. She calmed down at the Myriad concert chewing on watermelon rind though!

Newsletters, Olympic party, Back to School, OKCMB posts coming soon!


Jenna said...

Loved all these photos.

jana said...

gender reveal pictures, even if their strangers, always make me cry.

psst. the taco bell rainbow picture is awesome

kmom said...

Katie, when you were around Haven's age you had a beautiful pink and white outfit with long sleeves and pants. I didn't know if it was for pajamas or going places. It was so pretty I would take you places in it and people would ask me why you were wearing pajamas. I thought it was too pretty for pajamas.

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