Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ramblings of a Katie

  • The weather in OKC is pretty beautiful right now. We are playing outside lots, eating breakfast on the porch, and Liv is riding her bike or scooter every spare moment
  • We are also Pokemon hunting...which I think will be a separate post coming up
  • School is going as well as can be expected. Which means Liv will say good then pause and say no I hate school! Which I translate to mean she just likes summer better. And who doesn't?! She comes home talking about things she's learned and is really into playing school with me and her dolls right now so I take that as a positive thing.
  • We are waiting for my niece to be born any day now basically, but hoping she comes on our convenient 5 day labor day weekend. Like we can control these things! I'm pretty excited to meet her!
  • I signed up to sub at Liv's school this year on Tues and Thurs but have not heard anything yet. 
  • Haven is being a screamy mcscreamerson lately and we have entered that flailing and screaming tantrum in public phase that gives me a really good full body workout...especially when it's in the library and I have to wrangle her, my purse, and ten pounds of books out of there somehow!
  • She is also not a fan on me getting back into my gym routine but I gotta save stuff for her newsletter so I'll hush up about her
  • Liv gets the rest of her cavities filled this week. Fingers crossed. Her front tooth is soooo wiggly right now.
  • How is it almost September already?
  • We binge watched Stranger Things a few weekends ago. Amazing. And so scary. And I don't like scary things but I loved this! 
  • Now I'm binge watching Gilmore Girls again in preparation for the upcoming season in November. Remember last time I watched it? (here and here)
  • I haven't been reading as much lately. Mostly because I'm so exhausted by the end of the day I'm trying to go to bed around 9 or 10.
  • Fall is almost here and I've managed to keep my flowers alive all summer. Huzzah! This is the first time that has EVER happened. 
  • I have a love hate relationship with our porch hedges. They do make for excellent usage to dry wet swim towels and swimsuits, sun the cloth diapers, and air out smelly kitchen towels. I'm sure the postman thinks I'm batty. I met some Dish network salesman on a walk with the girls yesterday and he said "Are you the one with the clothes on the bushes and the door wide open?" whoops! Yes that would be me.
  • Liv breaks something everyday. She's like curious George. Today it was my tweezers...opening a mouthwash bottle. Last week it was the cord for our portable phone charger...she clipped it with nail scissors and cried because she didn't think it would cut it. I'm just glad it wasn't plugged in! Ryan's box of items to fix or superglue is always full. I always thought 2 and 3 year olds were the culprits and the reason you "baby proof" your house. Nope. 6 year olds are curious enough to destroy everything you own.
  • Nursing makes me hungry all the time....still! Yeah no sign of quitting that anytime soon.
  • I did not go to my 15 year reunion last week. I did facetime into it for a bit though. I'm sure it would've been lots of fun. Maybe I'll catch the 20 year.
  • This is enough for now. I'll leave you with a video of Haven rocking at the toddler play time at the library....before she threw the biggest tantrum of her life. Goodnight!


GmaakaMom said...

Boo hoo. The video didn't come thru. Sound like a busy busy life for my Okie Isenbergs. Don't burn yourself out Mommy.

kmom said...

Beautiful weather is such a blessing after hot humid days. Hope Liv's dentist visit goes well.

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