Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tales of a PokeMOM {Gotta catch em all!}

"Moooom! You traded all my zubats?!"
"No sweetie, I transferred all but one for candy so you can evolve the one with the highest CP points."

Sound strange? Yeah a month ago I would've asked what language you were speaking too. But I'll admit it, I like Pokemon Go! And my kid loves it too, so we have something we can do together which is always a plus. Here are some PokeMOM confessions I need to make though.
  • I have played without my daughter. I caught so many just sitting around waiting at my Dr.'s appt. one day
  • I have purposefully driven somewhere to walk around and play it by myself. Specifically Will Rogers Park. Mainly because Liv always has questions about the game, and I can't answer them because she knows more than me and we only have the game on one phone so I chalked it up to needing experience. 
  • I met two people playing Ingress while I was there and we chatted. It reminded me of meeting people while Geocaching
  • Seeing hoards of people staring at screens was super annoying to me while at beautiful garden spaces (and still kind of is)...but then Ryan reminded me, they would just be staring at their phones at home so maybe it's better that they are out moving around in nature staring at their phones. Maybe.
  • I often use Pokemon names as terms of endearment for my children now. "Come here you little Venonat." Or when they are annoying me "Don't be such a pidgey!"
  • I have watched YouTube videos for tutorials and fun facts about PokemonGo! In fact, if we download it on the other phone I learned a secret about how to get a Pikachu for your first catch!
  • I never knew there could be soooo many pronunciations of Rattata. And it is a pet peeve to me if people don't pronounce it like I do. Say it with me now..."rat-TA-ta"
  • I have left the app on while I'm in the pick up line because it goes so slow you can hatch eggs. 
  • I have taken my daughter and friends places to hunt Pokemon on more than one occasion. We took a friend after school yesterday actually. I'm proud to say they didn't keep their noses glued to the phone the whole time, but actually played at the park the old fashioned way too! 
  • I know where all the Pokestops are in our hood
Lest you think we are obsessed with it...because it sounds a bit like it after reading's just a fun activity we can play (or I can play) for 30 min here and there, once or twice a week. I like that you get outdoors, get exercise, see new places, and meet people. We probably will never win a gym battle, or make it to the highest level. But we will keep trying as we try to catch em all!! 
Going hunting with a fellow PokeMOM when she was in town! 


GmaakaMom said...

So is geocache a thing of the past?

Ryan and Katie said...

Liv grew out of it so (she got super bummed when we couldn't find one and would want to give up) we haven't been much but I still like it...just haven't been in awhile. I hope when the newness of Pokemon wears off she will like it again!

Blogger said...

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