Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Haven Meets Thomas the Train

In the past few weeks Haven has latched on to Thomas the Train in the same fashion as her older sister before her did...however I'm pretty sure Olivia was a bit older. Haven loves to read the books over and over, play with the trains we have, and of course watch the cartoon in the morning. So when I saw that Thomas was coming to OKC...well we just jumped right on that (especially since it's free unless you actually take a ride on Thomas.)
Jenna took Liv and Noah when they were younger so I had never been to this event. Assuming Friday would be less crowded we went then right as it opened. No one was there except the workers (who are basically all jolly grandpas) who were happy to take our pictures and let Haven watch Thomas chug into the viewing area. 
She wanted to be close but not TOO close. We ventured off to see the other events but she kept wanting to come back to be near Thomas. 
 Thomas's everywhere!
 We met some friends there but Haven didn't want to stay put long so I just followed her around mostly.
The magician was pretty good.
 She really loved the model train area and did not want to leave. Her Great Grandad Collins would be so proud!
 She enjoyed snack time watching Thomas inside a real train car!
 Peep Peep! It was a magical day with my second train loving little girl!

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kmom said...

Seeing that train up close in real life was probably very impressive for Haven who had previously only seen the little train toys, the pictures in books, and the trains on TV.

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