Thursday, September 29, 2016

Katie Experiences Virtual Reality

One Wednesday evening we were at the mall and Ryan thought it would be amusing for me to try the Oculus VR headset at the Windows store. I think he thought once I saw how cool it was...and we hit the lottery...that I'd be on board for getting one and joining in on the downfall of humanity. Haven't you all read Ready Player One by now?
 Don't I look so pretty?
I humored him and made everyone (except that little girl that I didn't know was standing there) laugh that walked by as I screamed at the giant whale who tried to eat me. Thankfully I chose the ocean scene instead of mountaintop...I did have enough sense to know I hate heights!
I got to experience some other cool things that weren't scary but he didn't film those. I think we will be going back soon so I can video Ryan...although I'm sure he won't be freaked out in the least. He probably can lasso and ride that whale without screaming.

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