Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Meet Ellie Rose

Hi my name is Katie and I'm the world's worst labor coach. Or possibly the best considering all the births I've tried to attend sent my client (my sister) into super speedy labor so I missed the blessed event by hours thanks to Arkansas. (Seriously why you gotta be between us, Arkansas!) This has happened to me with BOTH nieces so I may never get to see a birth...Ryan says just youtube it. Not the same. Anyway I'll rewind a bit.....

Amy got word Wednesday evening she was going to be induced on Friday and wanted me by her side if at all possible, so we quickly made decisions that devastated Olivia (I couldn't justify her missing like 10 days of school) and just Haven and I got in the car by 7:30 that evening to head part way there and stay in Little Rock with our cousins. We made it there by 1am with Haven crying literally 95% of the time. I was driving on pure adrenaline. Then she didn't sleep until 4 am at their house, I was mortified, but didn't care because I was going to see my niece be born! Then I got a text at 6:30 am letting me know my niece came on her own in the middle of the night during a super speedy labor and both my sis and baby were doing well!

I thought it was a joke.

It was not.

I was very excited still to meet her, but very bummed at the same time that somehow both my nieces came while I was on my way there in Arkansas. My only solace was that even if we'd driven straight though I wouldn't have made it in time. We drove the rest of the way there that morning...with much less crying than the night before...hmm wonder why you were tired Haven??? And went straight to the hospital to meet my new niece!!
Meet Ellie Rose.
She is just perfect and my sister should probably have a few more kids since she can rock a labor and probably just birth the next few at home in her sleep.
Haven loooooved holding her. But she did let me hold her too! 
I didn't even dress my kid that day.
All that hair! And those lips!Sweetie!
We stayed at their house to help my mom with Mary Belle until they came home from the hospital. Here's a few fun shots of our stay. The two little cousins played pretty well together and Haven just wanted to copy whatever he big cousin was doing!
"Livy teach me to ride it backwards!"
Haven learned about Paw Patrol
(Lots more pics to come of our week and a half in TN, but we're having technically difficulty with photos.) Olivia and Ryan did get to join us towards the end of our visit. They did survive without us but I don't like being away from them for so long!! Ellie Rose is worth it though and I'd do that crazy trip again in a heartbeat for my sister!


kmom said...

Great blog. Great blog writing. Great picture of Ellie's lovely lips. Wished you had not woke me up from a wonderful sleep by opening the bedroom door. Many prayers were answered the night/day of Ellie Rose's birth.

Sara Beard said...

So glad Ellie Rose is here! Great post, Katie! Always fun to read your writings!

GmaakaMom said...

Girls, girls, girls. That's one lucky Papa.

kmom said...

Correction: "Livy taught me to ride it backwards."

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