Saturday, September 10, 2016

Newsletter: 18 Months

Dear Haven,
This month I feel like my baby is becoming more and more of a toddler or a little girl. It's always fun to witness, but a little bittersweet as well. You aren't going to sleep nursing well anymore. You usually talk yourself to sleep or we shake the crib gently until you doze off. That doesn't mean you've cut down on nursing...far from just aren't as sleepy and cuddly when you do! Your words are coming and going this month. You can say "Bubble" now. Any "buh" word in TN Grammy gave you credit for butterfly, bird, ball. Sure we'll count it!
Was that a delicious pencil you just ate silly Haven?
You really are vying for my attention this month and have a special way of saying "Mama!" when you want me to watch something you are doing. Often it's spinning. You love to spin and play ring around the rosies. You will walk around and try to gather as many hands as you can to play with you. And of course we give in because you are so cute! 
You are often very jealous when you see daddy and me hugging. You start screeching and try to pull us apart or wedge yourself between us. You still are quite attached to me and have separation anxiety at mothers day out, the gym, Bible class etc. You can't be consoled by many but there are a few you let into your heart. I'm hoping the gym lady will be one but for now you won't have it so she let's you scream until its out of your system and then you play happily....or poop so I have to leave the class to come change you!
You know the word "mine" and will use it accurately to describe your blankie, or humorously to describe something of your sisters you want, or to show something you the stray cats in our yard. You chased one yesterday yelling Mine! Mine! Mine!
At your well baby visit last week you are growing right on your growth track and are in the 83% for height and weight. You are reaching your milestones and she was proud you knew most of your body parts when asked! (I was kind of surprised too, maybe they are teaching you more at Mother's Day Out than I am!) We discussed your diaper rash and lack of interest in food lately. All which seem to be normal for an 18 month old!
We've been adjusting still to days without sister around, but have managed to have some fun outings with just the two of us. At the science museum though all you wanted to play on was the stairs...until you found the model trains! You stood up on your tipiest toes to see it go round and round, just like your big sis used to! We also had fun at the zoo one day. You were very fascinated with the animals but also a little scared at times. You took a VERY good nap the day we went there. So much exercise for two little legs and you did NOT want to be contained in the stroller long!
The trip to meet your new cousin Ellie Rose was a bit traumatizing for you...and me...I really hope this screaming in the car seat phase will pass soon. I will not miss it one bit. You did great once we reached TN though. I carted you to many houses, the hospital, church, but you did very well after you realized I wasn't going to leave you at any of them! 
My little nose picker!
Although we missed Olivia for that week we were apart, it was fun to see you interact with your cousins by yourself. You wanted to copy everything Mary Belle or Naomi did. And you had no competition or older sibling pushing you around telling you what to do! You loved loved loved to hold Ellie Rose and were gentle for the most part. Occasionally we had to remind you not to poke her in the eyes or pull her fingers to hard.
It was so mind boggling to see my tiny baby holding another tiny baby. You weren't really "baby Haven" anymore when Ellie Rose was in your arms! Newborns will do that to you I guess. I am enjoying 18 months so much (except for the screaming) and am so glad we can go on some of the same adventures your sister and I went on when she was your age. You two sure can frustrate me some days, but you can also make my heart explode with love all at the same time. I hope I can always express the love more than the frustration! 
I love you,
You mastered the fishy face this month too!


GmaakaMom said...

18 months! Thank you for your blog so I can watch her grow and change even from afar. Grandma loves this precious girl.

kmom said...

Haven is full of huggable cuteness.

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