Friday, September 30, 2016

Newsletter: 19 months

Dear Haven,
This month I finally put away many of your summer clothes and brought down the 2t items to go through since that's what size and season you are in. All of a sudden though you look like a big kid and not a baby anymore! Jeans and hard sole shoes will do that to you I guess! Either way you are still so adorable and I love seeing you toddle around in big kid clothes.
Somehow you really latched on to a Thomas the Train book this month. Then you realized it was the same character as the train toys we have and then you saw him on TV and quickly your love for Thomas grew. I don't know how I ended up with two girls who adore that blue engine but we've read the 3 Thomas books we have about a million times this month and I finally got a few from the library so we can mix it up a bit! Then he just happened to be rolling into OKC this month so I took you, and you were pretty fascinated by him, but you also didn't want to get TOO close.
Your teachers at Mother's Day Out often tell me about how your personality is coming out more and more. One day they said you climbed on top of the wood chip pile and claimed it as your own. You held your hand out and firmly said "No!" to anyone who dared approach. At home you are becoming a little ham at dinner. Whenever we say the phrase "come on Haven" you scrunch up your nose in this hilarious face. You often will fake laugh if you see us laughing about something. If someone is singing or talking when you don't want them to you hold up your finger and say "Shhh!"
Your newest favorite word is "No!" and so far I can snicker everytime you say it because it's usually at the dog, or your sister, or this certain part in the Thomas book when James is about to beat Thomas in a race up the hill. I'm sure as soon as you start sassing me with it, it won't be as cute...or maybe it will, you are the baby after all!
I will give you all the credit for helping me be accountable for going to the gym more often. You were struggling in the childcare and I realized the only way you'd get better is if I took you more often so you would get used to it. So now I try to go three mornings a week (the evening classes you get to stay with daddy) and even though you still cry when I leave, you cheer up fairly quickly and are always playing and happy when I get there
You are getting more animal noises under your belt, but often times they aren't correct. It doesn't keep you from trying! We've gone to the zoo a few times but you are just as fascinated by the squirrels you see running around as the big animals there. You would make a good hunting dog because you spend most of your time at the park treeing the squirrels and then pointing to them until you can't see them anymore.
I've started working part time again this month. When I sit down at the table to draft you want to be my helper so I let you color beside me and you actually will sit still and color for quite awhile. You also like to color if sister is crafting too. 
You don't cry as much when sister leaves you for school in the morning but you do want your hug and kiss and you love to wave and then watch her leave from the porch or window. You also often perch there to watch her play in the yard. You often bring her books (Thomas ones especially) that you want her to read you and she happily pulls you in her lap for story time.
The weather is finally nice enough that we can go out in the day without sweating our limbs off. I'm so glad I've got you to go on adventures with in the city and I look forward to all the fun fall activities there are to do together. You can tell me "Shhh!" and "Noo!" all you want but I will never shush about how much I love you sweet girl!


kmom said...

It is a joy to read about and see how these two sisters love each other.

GmaakaMom said...

I love love love that sweet girl.

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