Thursday, September 22, 2016

Noah Wuz Here

Noah bean came to town last weekend and after a morning of vigorous Pokemon hunting and zumbaing, we took on the artistic world and went to see Cloud City, the traveling installation at OK Contemporary.
The kids loved it, as to them it's basically a large piece of playground equipment. Except we had to wear special booties to climb on it and we could only take pics on the outside. We found some places to get good shots though!
It really has a way of distorting your perspective and can be a bit trippy.
 They went through it about 4 times and then some other people were lining up so we headed over to check out the other outdoor sculptures... 
 She got her TRex arms going. ha!
 Then we headed for ice cream at Roxy's and some tree climbing before the monthly game night took place.  
 After church and Sunday lunch we headed to Wiggle Out Loud. The heat and humidity was intense but I think they still had fun and they even snuck off to get facial tattoos of their respective Pokemon teams. Intense. They sweated off easily by the time we left though!
We hope to see them again over fall break but this time on their territory!

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GmaakaMom said...

A trip to Texas in October sounds like fun. Does Ry get to go?

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