Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Phone Dump {August 2016}

One of my fav bloggers also does a phone dump monthly, but hers is so eloquently called "the month in moments." Yeah that's a MUCH better sounding title, but what's done is done. Without further adieu...here is Phone Dump for August 2016!
Literal Lego friends....Ryan teaching a class at church on his true love: outer space....Liv mesmerized by the Olympics....story time at Whole Foods
Science Museum with the Shrocks before school started! 
What will we do without Liv? Pick our nose, climb on furniture, play with her toys, build tall towers!
Shopkins with Sebastian....sporting new shoes (already falling apart in 4 weeks time) with her ankle bracelets (now there are 2 more in addition)....sleepy Haven....waving at sister on her bike
Teething Haven....Liv asleep in our bed....Haven "mowing"....Steak n Shake date! 
Porch scenes with Haven 
Zoo date! We found Dory and Nemo!
Haven and Ellie Rose....Elmo ate Haven!....ice cream with pregnant fairy godmother at 10am is ALWAYS a good idea....proof that I can't tell which half of the floor I mopped so why do it?!

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GmaakaMom said...

As usual, I LOVE the phone dumps.

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