Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Shots

With fall fast approaching, here are some of the last "days of summer shots" that may or may not have been posted here before. Summer sure is fun, but fall is my fav and I'm already enjoying cooler morning temps and of course the fall decor is already out! 
White Water Bay with daddy
Popsicles on the porch...there's lots of these!
Haven really started getting the front yard boundaries down by the end of this summer. Of course she still has to be watched but she rarely runs toward the street now. She enjoys looping from one stairs set of the porch to the other and round and round.
More popsicles on the porch
Haven enjoyed the hose much more than the pool
Those curls and that swimsuit are a definite fav for summer 2016!
Calvin got to come to WWB one day too! 
Pokemon hunting in the park! I love how Haven is looking at her! 
Splash day at Mayfair was lots of fun this year. And even though we spent a lot of time at WWB. This one inflatable slide was still LOTS of fun to Liv! 
Haven preferred the little pool though
 There was also water balloon baseball! 
 I hope the diaper rash stays gone because we just can't be naked outside when it gets colder!
 Roxy's is her favorite ice cream place and although it's open year round I'm not sure we will be visiting in the winter!
 More popsicles on the porch
 Sister's a good teacher
Playgroup reunion when the Seatons are in town!
One last swim at Audrey's party yesterday
You were a good summer 2016!


kmom said...

Katie, we have pictures of you looking at your sister like Haven does at Olivia. So precious.

GmaakaMom said...

Great photo recap. Thanks for sharing❤️

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