Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tennessee Times

So the rest of the trip to TN was spent holding Ellie Rose and playing with Mary Belle and Haven. Olivia and Ryan finally got to join us from Thursday to Monday since Liv had a long Labor Day weekend from school. It was so fun to see them after a week of being apart.
Papa is the best tea party partner!
I got lots of snuggles in with this sweetie!
I did have to share her though
Papa gave wagon rides. Haven was skeptical...
But then she enjoyed it!
Grammy gave Ellie Rose her first bath. With some eager help from big sister.
I got to take some amateur newborn photos of Ellie Rose. She was so good and bendable and cozy and slept the entire time!
Nothing cuter than a baby in a bucket! ha!
They all came to hang out at Grammy and Papa's a few times too.
Ryan loooooves newborns.
Playing playdoh with Grammy
I got to spend lots of time with Erin, we were hoping she would go into labor while I was there so I could witness that birth but no, I was hours late for Ellie Rose and a week early for Lennon Spring. Either way I got to model her moby wrap and show her how to tie it. Haven was less than thrilled to be the baby model.
She also fulfilled her fairy goddaughter's dream of "riding in one of those cars without doors or ceilings"
We got to visit with cousins too! Rachel just so happened to be home too!
We ventured to Cyprus Grove one day to see the park and the injured birds and stagnant waters. Lots of good walking but sadly only one pokemon found!
There were lots of instances for Haven to point and shriek "Buh! Buh!"
And yes more precious time with Mary Belle and Ellie Rose...or as I've dubbed them MaryBellieRose
She will be soooo different by the time we get to see her again! 


kmom said...

The "doll clothes" you used for the pictures were really baby clothes I gave to you both for your dolls. I like the one of Amy holding Ellie Rose in the bucket and the one of me holding her on my shoulder with her eyes open. You did a great job of showing our family time in the beginning days of Ellie Rose.

kmom said...

Excellent, professional looking pictures of Ellie Rose on that gray and while monogrammed blanket.

GmaakaMom said...

This post was sure filled with a whole lot of adorableness.

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