Sunday, September 11, 2016

What's a Schlitterbahn?

I don't rightly know (I guess I could google it but I'd rather assume it's German for "water park"), but it IS the name of a water park in TX and Liv got to take a special trip there with Lulu at the end of July to see Noah and family. We missed her, but I got lots of pics texted to me, so I know she was having fun and not missing us too much! Ryan and I used our time wisely to binge Stranger Things on Netflix.
I love how Liv basically looks more like a member of their family with her dark skin than a member of ours!
These two really do look like siblings. People often ask if they are twins when they are together.
I think they were worn out by the end of the day! 
Then a few weeks later they came up to the city for Sean's drill and we got to hang out lots and catch Pokemon together. We philosophized that correct pronunciation of Rattatas and had dinner at our house. It wasn't long enough, but it never is!
Trying to get a selfie with a small portion of the pokemon mob behind us at will rogers park
Liv got to go to some military family day on base with them. I especially love the fireman hat photo! Ha!
(I've got to back track on my posts so I'll get to Liv's bday and the rest of our TN trip eventually!)

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GmaakaMom said...

Noah's such a cutie in glasses.

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