Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Break 2016: New Braunfels

Thinking of using this as our Xmas card. Ha! Kidding..maybe ;)
We did get to spend time in the cute town of New Braunfels where they actually live. They live in the green belt area so there's tons of rivers and streams and green...unlike their old town of Midland in West TX which looked like the surface of the moon! There are so many deer there they are basically like squirrels. We would see easily 30+ a night on a walk. You can get soooo close to them because they are everywhere and pretty used to humans.
It's also Unicorn country as proclaimed by the water tower and the school mascot. We were greeted with a goodie basket of items included this unicorn cookie!
One morning we visited the little town of Gruene which boasts the oldest dance hall in TX and a fun outdoor market once a month. 
We spent lots of time in this awesome olive oil shop tasting different oils and balsamic vinegars. yum!
The kids got to help the owner start the popcorn machine!
Liv found a doll bed she REALLY wanted. The price tag let me know I can add to it to Xmas wish list of things I can make!
The morning after church we ate at this cute little local place. While the kids waited for their food, instead of coloring books they had etch a sketches. I thought that was pretty clever!
Haven enjoyed watching Thoams every morning in bed with her daddy. It's nice when he's on vacation and doesn't have to leave for work!
Every night we played Roll for the Galaxy and ate junk food. The perfect ending to a day!
The kids played their own games.
There is a beautiful park within walking distance of their house and we visited it a few times. There's lots of funky ducks with mohawk tufts to watch. And of course great Pokemon hunting and deer watching!
Liv found lots of trees to climb!
The hill to walk back to their house is like a super steep behemoth so Jenna dared me to conquer it and conquer it I did!
With a heavy purse on my shoulder!
 Their neighbors had dogs and bunnies and a trampoline so they had lots of fun playing in the yard with them!
 I'd love to visit again when it's floating season so we can float the river with them but this time gladly...Sean's job changed again. And they are moving again...but back to OKC! Yippee! We've had fun adventures in TX with them but I think having them in our hood will be more convenient! Thanks for hosting us and being our tour guides in TX Vasquezes!

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kmom said...

Looks like Jenna and family live in a wonderful place. Those doll beds are so cute! However, I know she has a pretty bunk bed doll bed in her bedroom.

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