Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Break 2016: The Road to Texas

Liv's fall break got an early start on Friday as we packed up and carpooled with Lulu to visit the Vasquez's in New Braunfels. I got to play referee between these two in the backseat but they took it easy on me and mostly enjoyed color wonder markers, naps, and screen time. 
 Waco was the perfect place to stop for lunch and see this design mecca Chip and Jojo have created out of an abandoned farm area. The crowds were a little nutso but since there was a parking spot directly across from it we decided to go ahead and check it out.
 We checked out the shops and ate at the food trucks and played on the Lorax grass.
It's a neat place to stop and after driving through the hood it looks like there's still plenty of houses for them to renovate!
Ryan and I got plenty of ideas for when we redo that dogfood plant in Edmond and turn it into a home decor/antique market. Just kidding...or am I??


GmaakaMom said...

Sounds like a great idea to me. I'll come work as a sales lady or cashier or ...

jana said...

can you redo the Alpo plant downtown instead so that i never had to smell it again?!

kmom said...

You are so lucky they took naps.

kmom said...

Haven's eyelashes! Great picture.

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