Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Break 2016: Six Flags and Shanny

For Noah's birthday he wanted to go to Six Flags with Liv. Fall Break was the best time to go even though it was a few weeks earlier than his bday. I hear it was a good time and Sean and Jenna took lots of fun pics for us. They rode crazy rollercoasters and had lots of fun. 
Lookin like siblings. People always ask if they are twins.
Just youtube the Batman coaster in San Antonio. Craziness. And they rode it! Twice!
Waiting in line doing a booty bump

They were sneaky and didn't tell them they would get soaked if they stood here to watch. Ha!! Love it!
While they were at Six Flags Ryan and I napped. And then took off to visit Matt and Shanny who just happened to be an hour east of us visiting her sister on a work trip. They were staying in a pool house  and while it was warm enough to swim we just dipped our toes in. We grilled burgers, chatted, and played some big jenga. It was a short visit but a good one and I'm so glad we got to see them!
Not a bad view!

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kmom said...

Looks like you missed a good time at Six Flags, but I'm so glad you could visit with Shannon. I thought you said Noah did not like roller coasters.

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