Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Break 2016: Wimberley and San Antonio

Our last day in New Braunfels the ladies got to go on a little morning shopping spree in the cute town on Wimberley. We picnicked by a stream and sampled lots of yummy free foods in the shops.
Then we picked up the rest of the family to see San Antonio. We hit up the Alamo first. 
I've been told several times throughout my life that much like the Mona's smaller than what you'd think. And a little underwhelming. However no one prepared me that it is literally in the middle of downtown San Antonio. I always imagined it in a sandy desert so I thought it was on the outskirts of town or something. Nope. Right across from a Ripley's believe it or not and a skyrise! Kind of funny.
If the kids hadn't been with us I would've liked to tour the grounds better and read all the timelines and such but they didn't care much for that. So we headed across the street for an overpriced mirror maze where Liv learned the important lesson of "why we don't run in a mirror maze!" Ha!
Then we strolled the Riverwalk and Pokemon hunted of course. 
We picked a pretty lousy Mexican restaurant to eat at but we had a little balcony to ourselves so the kids could run and play without disturbing anyone...prob why they put us there but then promptly forgot to serve or wait on us!
Haven enjoyed this ginormous water!
Before our food arrived a Korean girl came outside and through her broken English and Google Translate explained to us that she though our baby was so cute and asked if she could take a selfie with her. 
Then her family came out and we learned all about the wedding they were here for, which we were invited to attend but sadly would no longer be in town for. It was a fun interaction but Haven was very confused. And that was that! We had a fun time in San Antonio!


kmom said...

The San Antonio river walk looks so much different than the one in Oklahoma City unless it has changed since we toured the guitar museum.

Ryan and Katie said...

Yeah they aren't exactly the same type of riverwalk

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