Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Thomas Obsession

The train obsession is strong with this one. And big sister seems to be happily reliving her former obsession with her little sister now! She reads her the books and turns on the cartoon for her every morning!
 And they often cuddle while they watch before sister leaves for school. So sweet.
It's not a bad thing though, I credit this Thomas book with helping her not cry for the first time at the gym childcare!
She pulled her stool up to the table to play trains on it all by herself!
Train in hand even at the Myriad Gardens!
 There are about 30 books in the basket but the only ones being read are Thomas ones.
She loves this lift the flap Thomas book, especially the first page. If you open the wrong flaps she quickly tells you "no!!"
Since posting this video to facebook someone offered me their train table so I'm sure there will only be more adorable train pics in the future!


Jana + Ryan said...

her pigtail hair is the cutest!!

GmaakaMom said...


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