Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My wardrobe tells a tale

I'll eventually get around to adding those other fall break posts. I'm working a few part time gigs though and it's eating up my spare time. I just realized I haven't done a book review in months and I've read lots! My blog life might show signs of this season of life and my wardrobe definitely does. I actually wore these to the grocery store last week. (Joe would be proud) Gasp! With Socks! I'd just taken a 3 hour nap though and had not a care in the world!
 And then today in the middle of my class at the gym I noticed my pants were on inside out. Classy. The text was the only way you could really tell though and I think my shirt covered it mostly. So there ya go! 
Tomorrow I sub for the first time at Liv's school so say a little prayer that no spit wads are thrown at me and I don't run and hide under my desk halfway through the day...or if I do that it's at least at lunch time or recess when no one's around. I'll catch up here soon enough!

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kmom said...

Hope your subbing went well. I want to hear about it.

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