Monday, October 03, 2016

Phone Dump {Sept 2016}

Lots of fun happened in September. Here's the story my phone tells of our month's adventures!
Our carpool buddy and neighbor, Sebastian gets to join us often on after school fun. Here we are Pokemon hunting and causing Shenanigans at Will Rogers Park.
One day we went and checked out the little art museum in the lobby of the 21C hotel. Haven loved the moving penguins. Luckily the purple ones you could touch.
Enjoying a crotch full of cheerios on the porch. She asked sister to read to her first thing in the morning. First day in tennis shoes...I couldn't get enough of those sweet baby cankles!
Coloring with sister. Following her shadow. Playing at the park. Playing in the driveway with sister.
We chopped her hair off (her idea, we both love it!) and for awhile I was convinced her sweetness was held in her locks (like Samson's strength)...luckily the attitude and tantrum was short lived. It's not crooked, her head is just tilted.
Haven and Jayven take on the zoo!
Reading with Jessica in TN, Grammy's toys, At Home open house ghoul photo bomber, lego building after birthday.
Cousins lunch! Had to take a photo to update Grandma's frame.
Park time with Haven. She found a creeeeepy baby doll head and would NOT leave it alone.
Writing daddy a note in chalk to let him know she caught a Pikachu! Playing school. She lost those front teeth back to back both at school!
I started working with Loree again part time. My good ole college roomie Kelli works with her too. Lots of fun will be had on this 18,000 sq ft home in the next few months I'm sure!
Haven lookin like a big kid, Haven helping me draft elevations, whoops I already posted that driveway photo. Oh well!

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kmom said...

Always good to see a review in pictures and I don't remember the driveway pic.

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