Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pumpkinville 2016

We made our annual trip to Pumpkinville at the Myriad Gardens last Saturday. Once upon a time I tried out several pumpkin patches and decided that this one is my favorite. It's also the easiest...maybe that's why! So until I want Haven to experience a pony ride or I'm frustrated enough to want to lose my kids in a corn maze, this little fall destination will do just fine!
Next year I might force Ryan to go so I can possibly get a family photo, but he was building me some furniture so I let it slide.
The theme this year was storybook characters so there were lots of fun scarecrows and nursery rhyme tales scenes around.
We met up with the Shrocks while we were there so I could get a pic with Todd for my Christmas cards! Although I hear some younger chick at church is trying to steal my Toddy from me!
I dunno if you know this but it's hard to get good pics of kids. I really dunno how photographers do it. My method is to just follow them around and hope I get a cute shot. 
I love it when she holds other kids hands
Haven and Reese loved climbing and rolling down the hills. They would rest at the bottom!
Haven did actually sit on this pumpkin when I asked her to and smiled!
There were crafts and hands on things everywhere. My kind of place.
I love fall colors!
 And no trip would be complete without a screaming tantrum that results in me lifting a dead weight Haven off the pavement while carrying my purse and camera and pushing an empty stroller!
See ya next time Pumpkinville!

(Pumpkinville of years past)


kmom said...

Looked like a fun place to visit for all ages. Wish I could give my Oklahoma pumpkins a hug. Love, Grammy

GmaakaMom said...

Haven threw a fit??? Tell me it aint so! Looks like it was a beautiful day for it.

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