Monday, November 14, 2016

A Day in the Life

Every now and then I get to do a contributor takeover for the OKC Mom's Blog Instagram. I just take pics of my day and post them on their account. Here were pics I took from that day (it was a few weeks ago).
I'm a firm believer in making your bed every day. It helps start the day right and gets me motivated...and a cute baby sitting on top is like the cherry on the whipped cream! (I let Liv slack off on the weekends but I usually can't stand it and end up making it for her)
Waiting for Liv's carpool on the front porch and enjoying the sunrise. 
Haven sitting in her doll stroller watching Thomas cartoons 
She did NOT want to wear her costume at Mother's Day Out. Go figure. She still got candy though! 
I usually go to the library every Tuesday. These were my picks for the day. A wide variety to say the least! 
She still nurses to sleep for naptime if I'm around and I snuggle her for a little extra time as I feel these nap snuggles are fleeting. 
While the baby sleeps I get to work from home while watching Gilmore Girls and eating Halloween candy! Triple win! 
Mom Fail: I woke up Haven to pick up the kids from school as it was my turn to be carpool and then I promptly left my keys inside locking us out of the house AND the car. Luckily a mom friend and worker at the school could bring them to me! Phew! 
 Now she has the big kids to play with too! 
 It's too pretty not to be outside right now!
 Dave and Buster's hosted the OKC Mom Bloggers and spouses for a fun night of food and games. They've got birthday packages for kids and adults if you are looking for ideas! 
We got enough tickets we could get our kiddos these fun Shopkin stuffed animals which of course Liv quickly claimed for herself!
And that was my day!

We have many more contributors to the blog now so I only write one posts a month but here are my latest two....

Thanks for reading!


kmom said...

Did you have to wait until Ryan came home to get into the house?

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes but he left work early to rescue us. He beat the kids home by a few minutes!

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes but he left work early to rescue us. He beat the kids home by a few minutes!

Blogger said...

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