Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Little Swedish Getaway

Back before Thanksgiving we headed over to Kansas to visit Carrie and David and see their new home. It's only about 3 hours from here so it was the perfect weekend trip. (Granted I didn't really calculate that we would come home Sat night and then be leaving less than 48 hours later for TN but the kids did well and I chalked it up to warm up car ride for Haven!) The kids ran amok as soon as we got there and Haven was thrilled that there were furry things galore for her to pet.

She also really took a liking to Nolan.
 They sat in this cat basket a lot and she liked to lead him around by the hand and he let her because he is a great big cousin!

Can you believe this first nephew of mine is 13 now?!

We all stayed up way too late chatting and having fun. In the morning the girls sorted out shopkins and Liv got Alice started on her own collection.
Then we got a walking tour of their Swedish little town. (Ironically Lauren's family is from this tiny place so I had heard of it, and it truly is a delight!) We tried krumkake and saw all the Dala horses in the Swedish shop. 
The painted horses are in their town much like the Buffalo are in OKC.
There was a fun park where we played, pokemon hunted, AND geocached...a triple threat!
The kids played in this toy store for a super long time. Haven was quick to make a beeline for the only Thomas in the whole place. 
I think the girls would've gladly stayed and played store all day.
We walked everywhere and the fall foliage did not disappoint. I loved this old church!
After lunch we headed back out to see the lost castles of Kansas. Rumor has it a certain club at OC has their intiation night here every year. 
I'm pretty sure I convinced two high school sweethearts this place was built in 1292 after reading this sign. Ha! Teens.
Then we headed back to the house for more play time before we trekked back to OKC.

Haven wanted to be with the animals at all times. In the yard, through the fence...and once she even followed the cat under the porch to hang out.
Thanks for a fun weekend getaway Moores!



That looks like a whole lot of fun! Can't wait to check it all out someday.

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