Saturday, November 05, 2016

Book Review Part I

So the last time I did a book review was apparently in July. I thought I had already reviewed some of these though so maybe I'm confused. Either way that's a loooong time. And I have been reading lots despite rewatching all of Gilmore Girls before the new release this month. So there are two reviews coming your way back to back!

The Honk and Holler is another endearing midwest small town tale by Billie Lettes that includes lots of fun characters of different ages and races and backgrounds. I think I've read all of her books now. She always has great characters with ridiculous names. If you like her other books then I would recommend this one and I give it a 7.

The Storied Life of AJ Fikry was one of those books about books in a way. It made me want to check out several of the short stories that were excerpted in the book. We had some great book club discussion about this one but it's a bit fuzzy to me. There were some definite plot holes but there was a good twist, a love story, good characters and I think we all enjoyed it. I give it an 8.

Rachel's Holiday was another book club pick and I would have really liked this book had it been about half the length. It really needed editing. It's a fictional tale that follows a girl through her battle with alcoholism in a rehab facility. It's a serious subject matter but there's lots of humor and quirky characters throughout. I hear there's one book based on each sister in the family. I really liked the beginning as it's told from her perspective and you really get a good sense of how in denial an alcoholic can be and you are kind of on her side and wonder "wait is she an alcoholic? or are her friends exaggerating?" Makes you wonder if it's possible you could be in denial about something in your life and have no idea about it. Kind of trippy. I give it a 6.

Things I Want to Punch in the Face was a random shelf grab I made at the library. It's what I call a toilet book. Maybe better called a coffee table book. Just short paragraphs on each page about things that really get this author's goat from man caves to bucket lists. It's a pretty funny read for short bursts of time, so set it on your toilet and enjoy! Although thinking about checking out a book from the library that's been used in someone else's bathroom makes me want to burn books and I LOVE books! Kind of weird to rate but I guess I'd give it an 8.

Calling Me Home was another book club pick. It's a sweet tale of a friendship between an unlikely pair of women. There is a present storyline and one that takes place in the 40s/50s I believe. It starts off a little slow but then it's hard to put down for awhile! While the love story was touching, we all agreed it faces the same sort of stereotypical characters and racist issues that books like The Help seem to promote. It romanced over the seriousness of racial issues our country faced and obviously still faces today. I'd give it a 6.

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. Another comical shelf grab I made, and I loved this book a lot. I think I'd seen some of her blog posts or memes before. She hits the nail on the head about the brutal funny moments of parenthood that can really only be laughed at because otherwise you'd cry. And you often do so it's only funny after the fact! She illustrates with lots of awesome stick figures for your enjoyment. You can finish this book in an hour. I recommend it to parents of young children and give it a 9.

As I finish typing this both my girls are reading in separate rooms so I hope I'm doing something right as a parent! Liv is still into the Magic Treehouse series. We're on #19 going in order. Haven's desperately trying to find something to replace all those Thomas books we hid from her. It's hard.

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kmom said...

I bet Haven will be so delighted to have those Thomas the Train books back again.

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