Friday, November 18, 2016

Crafty Liv

Liv's school has been doing enrichment clusters again this season so for 8 weeks she gets to add an elective to her Friday classes. She chose sewing and now every Friday she comes home begging to sew on something. One evening I helped her make a doll quilt.
This tested ALL my patience. But we did it!
Another day after school she and Sebastian picked out these felt pocket creatures out of a book I got at the library. They cut some of the shapes out but I mostly did the sewing on these. They turned out pretty cool for a quick project. The faces fold up like a purse flap. Sebastian says he is putting Pokemon cards in his. I need to sew the unicorn mane on before Liv fills hers with "treasures"
We also cleaned out her craft cabinet last week and when I would ask if we could throw something out she would reply "here's the thing, mom, I don't use that, but anytime I get rid of something I need it the next day so we have to keep ALL of it!" Spoken like a true hoarder/crafter!


kmom said...

You are a super mom for helping Liv with sewing at such a young age.

GmaakaMom said...

So we have a hoarder in the family. I'm sure she's not the first...but I won't name names😉

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