Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ice Skating Day

Each year the John Rex kids get to take a walking field trip when the Devon Ice Rink opens. Liv has fun but it sure is painful to watch those kids fall so many times. But they hop back up way faster than I could! And that's why I choose to just take photos from the sidelines instead of helping them in the trenches!
You can see the progression of time by the amount of clothes she loses and by the sturdier her legs look!
She has some nasty bruises from all her escapading but I think she'd say it's worth it!
Calvin did not want me to send his mom a picture...too bad I did it anyway!
Sweet silly school friends
And while big sis was skating, lil sis was enjoying the Myriad Gardens with the Vasquezes...only a few more weeks until they are here for good!
This ground was WAY less slippery!


kmom said...

Three cheers for your friends moving here soon!

GmaakaMom said...

We have a rink in Sherwood and the Oregon cousins like skating too. We'll have to schedule a "rink" day next time ya'll come.

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