Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Newsletter: 20 Months

Dear Haven,
My favorite thing you've started doing this month is saying "thank you" and you say it at least 3 times usually trying to get the last word in! If we hand you a toy, if we give you your "nack", you always say "Thank you" you might be the most polite person in our family right now! You also are giving awesome squeezes and kisses right now and it's pretty precious.
You are finally going into the gym childcare and Mother's Day Out with no tears! Usually. Sometimes you even walk in on your own and wave "bye" to me. You usually won't greet the staff at the gym but you wave and say bye to everyone as we leave from the front desk through the parking lot.
I spotted you climbing up on the kitchen to finish off my cereal one morning!
At bedtime you often reach for your crib to let us know you are ready to stop nursing or stop reading books. Sometimes you actually go to sleep right away but usually you chatter and talk to yourself or big sis for awhile before you sleep. Sometimes though you have to stay up a bit later than sister and you play in the play room while daddy and I watch you. You say "Mama" over and over again and will do a trick to make sure we're watching. It's easy to see how the "baby" gets spoiled in the fam because we will just watch you over and over and smile and cheer and say how cute you are even if all you are doing is running across the room and sitting down!

You still fall asleep in my arms usually for naps though and I don't mind one bit!
You've always been a big fan of copying whatever your sister does but she's really honed in on this lately. She'll make a sound or noise and you will copy it. We've tried to explain that why she should try to be a good example for you but I've caught her teaching you fart noises and trying to get you to eat your boogers. Oh sisters!
You are still a train obsessed little girl. A friend gave us their train table and tracks and it's on our front porch. You enjoy playing with them but probably enjoy the Thomas show and books even more. We really got sick of reading the same 5 books over and over again so we hid them the other day and now when you looks through the basket you get upset and don't want to read any of the other books...so I'm sure they'll reappear in a few days!
You've been getting your canine teeth in this month and maybe some more back teeth. You've handled it pretty well with minimal fussing but I can usually tell when they are bothering you when you need to snuggle and nurse more often. You've still been sleeping through the night for which we are all very thankful!
We went to the science museum and you and Jenna both became obsessed with the light bopping game. I think your high score was like 9 and Jenna's was 60 something. You would hit the lights and clap, you were so excited for yourself.
Holidays are always more fun with kids and we've got three lined up the next few months. You were not that enthusiastic about trick or treating at Mother's Day Out or trunk or treat, but it's still fun to watch you trying to process why in the world your parents are in costume and your sister is walking around getting candy. I know by next Halloween you will be more into it. Until then I am so happy to hold my little Pikachu and pass out candy with you and look at the blow up skeletons or other decor! Love you so much!
Your evolved Pokemon form,


kmom said...

You are so blessed to have been given that train table. I was wondering if the train tracks and trains were included in the gift. It looks like they were. Wow!

Jana + Ryan said...

that picture of her looking up at you from her stroller just killed me! she is so precious katie!

GmaakaMom said...

I can't wait to come claim some of those hugs and kisses.

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