Friday, November 04, 2016

Phone Dump {Oct 2016}

If wardrobe could sum up Haven's month it might look like this...half neked wearing one shoe with a plumber's crack. Here's the rest of the month's moments!
Both my girls love sitting with Jeri at church, Haven reading Thomas in the car, leaving MDO like a big girl, being silly in her Bible class with friends. 
Having a playdate with Minkare. One afternoon I simply could not stay awake. I kept dozing off on the couch and when I woke up Haven would be in new places playing on the library tablet. Kind of dangerous yet comical. 
Shot of the bowling alley and wine bar turret in the 18,000 sq foot house I am working on with Loree and Kelli. Some bath and kitchen sketches. 
Date night to try some bibimbap at Chae. I like to sing it like a Hansen...BiBMMMMbap. Get it? Ryan built us a longer table for the playroom so we could move the TV and speakers in there. The only after shot I have of it is during the debates. Haven playing outside. 
Museum date with Candise and kids on her fall break. Sadly Liv wasn't off yet but Haven enjoyed meeting the dinosaurs.
A little fall break fun at the zoo, smores with small group, working on our Socktober announcement for church with the K and 1st class. 
Science museum fun with Jenna and Noah when we got back from New Braunfels. 
I suggested making a sheet fort to Liv and Noah and they told me that was dumb and boring then they played in one happily for four hours. And the next day too. Kids.... Ryan built a tree swing for the back yard and yes it can hold Ryan so it can probably hold you! 
 During game nights Haven makes the rounds and gets loved all by all sorts of gamers! Even Beezo holds a baby Haven!
Haven tries to dress herself. Girls playing out in this beautiful weather. I wore my pants backwards one day and didn't notice til the end of gym class. Awesome...I should prob let Haven dress me too!
Playing at the park. My face the first day of subbing. And a rare moment when they were all obeying and sitting quietly. I wasn't above candy bribery! 
Puzzles with Calving, The Socktober totals...we surpassed our goal and got 374 pairs! Haven enjoying her train table. She likes to play RIGHT near the street but is good about not going in the street. Don't worry I'm never far away. 
Prep work for trunk or treat. Watching Full House outside on the projector.
These kids have been playing outside in all their spare time and putting on some great plays for their parents! I hope November brings cooler temps. It's still been in the upper 80's most days but at least the mornings and evening are cool!


kmom said...

Ryan made a super good low open cabinet. Great skills! Haven is a bundle of cuteness. Thank you for documenting your family's activities.

GmaakaMom said...

Gotta love the phone dumps❤️

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